Dear Friends,

Spirit Quest International believes that the Cuban fields are ripe for the harvest. Accordingly, we have developed plans for 2015 that we feel will allow us to present Jesus Christ to a wide area of the island of Cuba.

Phase One of our endeavor has been to select two sites for intensive, specialized leadership training. Those ministers receiving this three months preparation will then be charged to teach this same material at other selected provinces on the island. In this manner, we wish to install a training site in many of the fifteen provinces, and a number of the 158 municipalities by 2016.

At this writing, the two training sites selected for the three month sessions, are Havana and Matanzas. Excellent ministers/teachers with professional backgrounds are in place. Seven ministers have been selected in each location for training and eventual teaching assignments in the various provinces.

Christian literature, as well as Bibles, are at a premium in Cuba. Understanding this, we have purchased a number of copying machines for each location that are being used to prepare materials for the classes, as well as for distribution to the populace.

It is anticipated that the expansion of the work over the next nine months will take place primarily along the northern perimeter of the island that is most heavily populated. Also, by following this plan, the cost of transportation is lessened. We have been told that the greater opportunities for evangelism exist from Sancti Spiritus (central) to Holguin (east), but travel related problems delay this activity. We believe, that God will provide in His time.


Phase Two will consist of establishing congregations. Our ministry is predicated upon the premise of "Each one, tell one", and our endeavor will shift during this phase to arming each Christian with the knowledge and materials to evangelize in their immediate locales.

While this approach may not work effectively in every area or nation, we have found it to be highly effective in Mexico where our sister organization - En Busca del Espiritu - has used and is using this model to reach a record number for Christ in the most efficient manner.

Be a Part of Evangelism for Cuba

We are so appreciative of those that have already voiced a desire to help in this ministry.

Please know that SQI does not deduct overhead from any donations that are ear marked for Cuba. All funds so labeled are used in their entirety for the Cuban work. Overhead is absorbed by the general fund of SQI.

At present our primary financial needs are for the transportation of the individual ministerial trainees while they are in classes. This need will escalate in the next few months as they travel to their new destinations where public transportation is limited. But again, God takes care of the need - we just need to be willing.

If you wish to make a contribution - in any amount - please address it to:

Spirit Quest International - Cuba
8600 N. Air Depot Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73151

Your donation is fully tax deductible as SQI is recognized by U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a religious organization as described in Sections 509 (a)(1) and 170(b) (1)(A)(i).

Yours in Christ,

Bradley O. Brauser