Birth and History of Spirit Quest International

Spirit Quest International was conceived
August, 1987,on a roof top in Temple, Texas,
when the Lord spoke to Bradley O. Brauser and said, "Go to Laredo."

Brad & Annis Brauser were married in 1978. Both teachers, they made their home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In August, 1987, they traveled to Temple, Texas, to put a roof on Annis's brother's home. While working on the roof, Brad heard a very audible voice say, "Go to Laredo." Looking around for the source of that voice, he found he was alone on the roof. As he continued to work, he heard the voice a second time, "Go to Laredo."

With plans to return to Oklahoma City the next day, that night Brad told Annis of his roof top experience, so instead they went to Laredo. Once there, Brad used the phone book to make several calls inquiring about mission work on the border. As a result, they were directed to the Malinche Street Mission where they were greeted with, "Come in, come in, we've been praying for two weeks for you to come." "Your room is ready." Their hosts, Vernon & Annette Colvin, introduced them to Pastor Manuel Gonzales of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and their mission work began.

Brad & Annis continued to live and work in Oklahoma City where they attended Linn Avenue Pentecostal Holiness Church. Family and friends joined in, supporting their work of transporting food and goods, and building churches in Mexico.

In February, 1990, Spirit Quest International became an eleemosynary, not for profit I charitable, organization with Brad as President and Annis as secretary-treasurer. In an effort to keep the Malinche Street Mission open after the Colvins moved to Arkansas, housing for Cecil & Maxine Pittman of Adventure in Faith was provided. Eventually, a visit to Maroquien, and a major revival in Victoria, Mexico, led to the acquaintance of several Mexican pastors, and their work spread to Mexico's interior.

A personal loan from Brad & Annis, allowed Spirit Quest International to purchase land in Botines, Texas, for the purpose of building a warehouse to house goods to be transported to Mexico. In 1991, friends David & Shirley Singletary of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, moved to Laredo to oversee the location. In Oklahoma City, Brad &Annis began to work with King of Kings and Pastor Jimmy Been, who became the first Executive Vice-President of Spirit Quest International, and the organization grew.

In 1993, while transporting Christmas toys and goods across the Mexican border, the Brauser's vehicle was stolen. In addition, work on, and funds for the Botines land warehouse ceased. God was changing the direction of Spirit Quest International. God's call was for Spirit Quest International to focus on the "salvation of souls", and Spirit Quest International became a federally recognized denomination. The sale of the Botines land resulted in a 100% God-given profit which provided the financial stability for the future of Spirit Quest International's new direction.

Shortly thereafter, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, retired PH Pastor, Rev. Alvin Smith, told Brad & Annis about a pastor in mid-town Oklahoma City who needed help. As a result, in 1994, Spirit Quest International rented a church site for Pastor Juan Gallegos and his Templo Eben Ezer congregation. Approximately 70 people attended their first church service on March 1st, and on November 20th , a "Take Back Our City" Tent Revival at S.W. Pennsylvania and 29th Street led to an increased interest for association with Spirit Quest International.

In 1995, on March 6th , Spirit Quest International adopted its official Creed, "God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit." On July 30th, Juan Gallegos became the first Ordained Spirit Quest International Minister. A loan, underwritten by Brad & Annis Brauser and Burnice & Delphia Turpin, allowed Spirit Quest International to purchase its first church property at2661 S.W. 40th Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for $54,000.00.

Pastors and churches in Oklahoma City, as well as in Arizona and Texas, joined with Spirit Quest International, and the organization in the states began to grow. On July 9, 1998, the "Beliefs" of Spirit Quest International were adopted by the Spirit Quest International Board.

Meanwhile, missionary assistance to Mexico continued and churches in Mexico became associated with Spirit Quest International. In January, 2000, the first money was given for the purpose of legalizing Spirit Quest International in Mexico. However, it was not until July 16th, 2008, that gloriously, and with the help of the Lord God Almighty, the number for En Busca del Espiritu, our official organization in Mexico, was published in the national Mexican newspaper, and on July 17th, Conference Superintendent Rev. Enrique Mosqueda and Mexican attorney, Juan Pedro Alverez, attended the official presentation ceremonies in Mexico City.

In 2008, under the leadership and direction of Spirit Quest International, Pastors Rev. Victor Rivas (Director), Rev. Jesus Esquivel (SecretaryffreaslJrer), and Rev. Enrique Mosqueda (Conference Superintendent), the Spirit Quest International Bible School, "Instituto Biblico" was opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is the vision of Spirit Quest International that the graduates of this school continually serve to win souls.

All glory, honor, and praise is given to God alone,
for the establishment of Spirit Quest International.