Spirit Quest International recognizes the importance of religious education in furthering the work of the Lord.

Instituto Biblico
Because of the extended nature of the organization, every effort has been made to provide learning that includes a wide range of educational experiences for the prospective minister, evangelist, and teacher.

1.  Administration

  1. The general administration shall be composed of a Board of Education composed of seven members:
    1. The General Superintendent of Spirit Quest International
    2. Three members of the General Board of Administration of Spirit Quest International
    3. Three members appointed by the General Superintendent of Spirit Quest International
  2. Four of the seven member board must hold Bachelor degrees, and in addition, three of the four members must also hold advanced professional degrees from accredited universities.

    It is the responsibility of this Board:
    1. To guide and direct the path of Instituto Biblico
    2. To set rates of tuition
    3. To approve hiring of teaching personnel upon the recommendation of the Director
    4. Raise funds for all aspects of the development of Instituto Biblico

2.  Operational Responsibilities

  1. Director
    1. The Director, in consultation with the Board of Education, shall determine the class offerings, class dates, and times, and assign duties as required.
    2. The Director must serve as the campus senior officer signing for all expenditures.
  2. Assistant Director
    1. The Assistant Director shall aid the Director in the accomplishment of the requirements and serve in any absence of the Director.
  3. Financial Secretary
    1. The Financial Secretary will collect all funds, make bank deposits, and maintain an accurate record of all collected funds and expenditures.
    2. The Financial Secretary must provide a Treasurer's Report to all members of the Board of Education at called meetings.
  4. Registrar
    1. The Registrar must maintain an accurate record of each student's academic achievements including class enrollment, class completion, grades, and graduation dates.
    2. The academic record will take the form of a Transcript, recording the student's educational history, including any transferred credit from other institutions.
  5. Adjunct Instructors
    1. As it is the desire of Instituto Biblico to provide each student with the best educational experience, all instructors must be knowledgeable in their field and in the subject matter taught.

3.  Class and Credit Hour Structure

  1. Class Periods and Credit Hours
    1. A Class Period is considered to be forty-five minutes in length
    2. A Credit Hour is defined as sixteen clock hours, or its equivalent, in a classroom setting.
    3. One Credit Hour may contain a maximum of three clock hours for testing.
    4. A maximum of six Clock Hours may be substituted for professional papers or outside class activities such as special events attendance.
  2. Transfer of Credit Hours
    1. While actively seeking National Accreditation, Instituto Biblico does not, at the present time, possess such accreditation by a national agency.
    2. Those seeking to transfer credits from Instituto Biblico to another institution should contact that institution for acceptability of credit hour transfer.
  3. On-Line Instruction
    1. Partial satisfaction of the requirements for Completion of Certification may be obtained through on-line instruction.
    2. Contact offices of Instituto Biblico for updates and further information.

4.  Certificates

  1. Biblico offers the following certificates for successful completion of specific courses:
    1. Certificate of Biblical Studies
      Successful completion of twelve credit hours of Bible related course work.
    2. Certificate of Ministerial Studies
      Successful completion of twelve credit hours of Bible related course work which includes at least three courses in ministerial preparation.
    3. Certificate of Christian Performing Arts
      Successful completion of twelve credit hours of Bible related course work which includes at least four courses from the follOwing performing arts areas:
      1. Christian Drama classes
      2. Christian Praise Dance classes
      3. Christian Vocal Music classes
    4. Associate Ministers License
      Those students completing any Certificate Program who desire to obtain an Associate Minister credential must successfully complete the "Articles of Faith" and "Understanding the Articles of Faith" Module -(study and demonstrate an understanding of the material by successfully completing a prescribed questionnaire).

5.     Branch Campuses

  1. Setting up a Branch Campus
    Should a church aligned with Spirit Quest International elect to provide Bible College level class work at their location, a request should be made to the Board of Education of Instituto Biblico prior to onset of course offerings. Such course offerings must align themselves within the appropriate Certificate. Upon plan acceptance, such instruction will be considered as oncampus credits and the site designated as an Instituto Biblico branch campus.
  2. On-Line Course Work
    Branch Campuses may also offer on-line course work that may integrate into the certificate plan.
  3. Records
    Records of students credits and accomplishments must be maintained and a copy sent to the office of Registrar on the main campus. The Office of Registrar has final authority for maintaining, replicating, and supplying official transcripts.
  4. Graduation Exercises
    Officials of Branch Campuses may elect to provide graduation exercises at their location. Requests for such exercises should be made to the Director at the main campus of Instituto Biblico.