Church Property and Titles

From its beginnings, it has not been the intent or desire of Spirit Quest International to accrue to itself property or real estate. Local church property occurs in one of two categories: (A) Affiliated Church Property and (B) Planted Member Church Property.

  1. Affiliated Church Property
    Affiliated Church property is defined as that property owned by a Transfer Member Church wishing to align itself with Spirit Quest International. Upon joining, the Affiliated Church maintains full rights and control of said real property. Any conveyance, gift, or device given directly to the Affiliated Church remains the property of the Affiliated Church.

    In the event the Affiliated Church wishes to convey title of real estate or property to Spirit Quest International, notification in writing shall be made to the Spirit Quest International General Superintendent and Signed by the Board of Trustees, if incorporated, or pastor and simple majority of active members if unincorporated.
  2. Planted Member Church Property
    Planted Member Church Property is one for whom Spirit Quest International has provided the finances or arranged financing for the purchase of real estate or property. In such case, Spirit Quest International holds the deed to the property in a relationship of trust. The congregation enjoys the benefits that the facilities provide and is responsible to hand the property down to future generations of Spirit Quest International believers. The church has broad authority, upon notification to the Spirit Quest International Executive Board, to buy, remodel, and encumber, enjoying all the incidents of ownership, except it cannot unilaterally change its deed, make the property independent, and/or take the property away from future generations of the Spirit Quest International family.

    In the event the Planted Member Church wishes to sell the real property, notification to the Spirit Quest International Executive Board must be made and permission granted. In such case, the equity remaining after all expenses, will travel with the Planted Member Church to be reinvested in real property with the deed of the new property being in the name of Spirit Quest International.

    Not withstanding any provision previously set forth, when property owned by a Planted Member Church, whether incorporated or not, shall cease to be used for religious purposes in accordance with the faith of the church and provisions of the Spirit Quest International Manual, the Spirit Quest International Executive Board shall have the right to determine further action in accordance with Federal Law.

    General Church Property
    The Spirit Quest International, Inc. church shall be organized and established in the form of a non-profit church corporation. Title to property shall vest in said corporation, and conveyances and mortgages shall be made in accordance with the laws of the state or country in which the said property is situated.

    Church Charter
    Every church, Affiliated or Planted, that becomes a part of Spirit Quest International will receive a Church Charter issued and presented by members of the Spirit Quest International General Board of Administration, and will therefore be identified by the church name with the addition of Spirit Quest International as a sub title.

    Inclusion of Identification
    All Spirit Quest International Churches, both Affiliated and Planted, shall include the name "Spirit Quest International" and the Spirit Quest International "Logo" on all signs displayed externally. Such visual display denotes a brotherhood of Believers and portrays the Pentecostal Belief.