The Nature and Purposes of Discipline
Discipline is an exercise of scriptural authority for which the church is responsible, and its aims are that God may be honored, that the purity and welfare of the ministry may be maintained, and that those under discipline may be brought to repentance and restoration.

Discipline is to be administered for the restoration of the minister, while fully providing for the protection of the spiritual welfare of our local churches. It is to be redemptive in nature as well as corrective, and is to be exercised as under a dispensation of mercy.

All references to the discipline of ministers within this article of the Bylaws relate solely to Associate Ministers, Licensed Ministers, and Ordained Ministers.

Causes of Disciplinary Action
Violations of Spirit Quest International principles as stated in these Constitution and Bylaws may give cause for disciplinary action by the Spirit Quest International General Board of Administration. Among such causes for action shall be:

  1. Moral failure involving sexual misconduct or pornography.
  2. Any moral or ethical failure other than sexual misconduct.
  3. General inefficiency in the ministry.
  4. A failure to represent our Pentecostal testimony correctly.
  5. A contentious or non-cooperative spirit.
  6. An assumption of dictatorial authority over a church body.
  7. An arbitrary rejection of conference counsel.
  8. A declared open change in doctrinal views.
  9. A habit of running into debt which brings reproach upon the gospel.
  10. A marriage in violation of our stand on marriage and divorce.

Recognizing that the underlying prinCiple involved in discipline is redemptive, and that man's conscience frequently brings him/her to judgment and confession, and that justice can sometimes be best served with mercy, an effort should be made to lead the offending minister through a program of rehabilitation, administered in love and kindness.

Judiciary Process
Questions regarding the judiciary process in relation to a licensed minister or local church member should be referred to the appropriate conference office. A Judiciary Committee will review all available facts and evidence.

Readmission to Credentials
Those who have held credentials, left the organization, then wish to return to Spirit Quest International will reenter at level 1, Associate Minister, and advance as designated.