Dear Friends,

Much is happening in Cuba and other Central and South American countries.

On April 10th -11th, 2015, President Obama and President Raul Castro will meet, along with other leaders in Panama at the Western Hemisphere Summit. This will be an opportunity for a face-to-face discussion of the problems that have separated our countries for 54 years.

There are two main sticking points: (1) the return of Guantanamo to Cuban control, and (2) the removal of Cuba from the terrorist list of nations. Points can be made for both sides, and certainly some arguments are more valid.

Still, other signs of detente are becoming more visible. (1) This summer, Havana will host a major league baseball game. (2) An airline has been given permission to fly from New York to Havana. (3) Permission and licenses are being sought for ferry service from Key West to Havana on a regular basis - a trip requiring about 3 hours.

Uniqueness of Cuba for Missions

In 1961, Fidel effectively removed all forms of religion from the island. The exception was a hybrid of Catholicism and Voodoo called Santaria. What followed is that nearly all Cubans of fifty years of age or younger know very little about Jesus Christ. The Pew Report cites a figure of 78% adherents to Santeria in today's Cuba. This, then, gives us a tremendous opportunity, and an open door, for ministry.

In an earlier Newsletter we detail led our approach to witnessing on the island. We are happy to report that the first three-month program is nearly completed, and is on schedule, i.e., the weekend of March 21st and 22nd saw more than fifty ministers take to the streets with the message of Jesus Christ. This was in El Vedado, a city along the northern coast.

Internet Service

In the past, internet service has been spotty and unavailable to most Cubans. However, over the past few months a loosening of controls has been noticed. We are happy to report that we now have complete and uninhibited connections with our ministers on the island, with no apparent censorship.

SQI Website

The new website for spirit Quest International is still under construction, but a sizeable percent is complete. may be viewed in its entirety in English or Spanish, and may be printed. When completed, all the newsletters will be available for reproduction. The address is

We are so thankful to you that have partnered with us to expand this ministry into Cuba. Without your help so much less would be accomplished.

May the Lord bless you.

Bradley O. Brauser, President and Founder
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